We believe holidays – time away, time for loved ones, time together, is the most important time families, friends, lovers can have.They are times for the restoration and rejuvenation, of the body, spirit and soul.

Niseko WOW knows the difference between service and experience, between efficiency and extraordinary, between place and personal.

We also know Niseko. The language and culture, the best chefs and restaurants, the onsen, the shops, the sashimi, the sake, the quirks and charms and the secrets.

We take care of every aspect of every day, whether it’s on the beginner slopes or in the backcountry.

We want you to leave with one little word encapsulating the culture you’ve embraced, the experiences you’ve shared, the surprises you’ve had, the difference you feel, the heavenly snow, the remarkable skiing, the fun, and importantly for us, the quality, the attention to detail and the level of service you’ve received – WOW!